Now who’s the Muppet!

For those of you who have been following our posts you would have noticed the reference to me as a muppet when I deleted one of Justin’s draft posts! A fairly deserved comment in the circumstances but I couldn’t resist a little shot back….

Now Who's the Muppet!

Now Who’s the Muppet!



4 thoughts on “Now who’s the Muppet!

  1. Rebecca

    Getting all Bear Grylls like … Not shaving of cutting his hair whilst roughing it in the woods. The braids look beautiful justin!

  2. Ron & Viv Moon

    Hi guys,
    Glad you are having fun on your trip. Saw the piece on your Patrol in the latest issue of 4×4 Aust – Looks really good! We loved Mongolia and Kazakhstan; weren’t so enamoured by Russia. Glad you found our camp on Lake Baikal. Just got back from 3 months in the USA – bought a Dodge Ram over there and fitted it with a slide-on camper – not as smart as your rig though! Keep enjoying your travels – & travel safe. Cheers, Ron& Viv.

  3. Ruth & BOb

    Hello gorgeous and Jen serioulsy you need to warn me about the sexy images you are posting – Justin, darhling, the colour so suits you!! SO enjoying the blog, the pictures and stories are amazing – the scrapbooker in me thanks you.

  4. Rob Robson

    Is that muppet with the red beanie the same one who has written the most recent post – bloody amazing. Great stories Justin, Mate I’m green with envy what an amazing adventure you are having, the scenery, the camp sites, the brush with the constabulary – just fantastic.
    Hey, I reckon those Narva lights came in handy getting back to Song Kol
    Happy birthday Jen. I’ll bet it will be one that you won’t forget in a hurry.
    Take care guys – looking forward to your next post.


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