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Welcome to Justin and Jenn’s overland travel journal!

Shipping our vehicle to Vladivostok and heading west to the United Kingdom for a pint with friends…. and hopefully from the UK to Cape Town and back to Australia….

If your out there we’d love to meet up on the road!

If your at home, come with us through the web!



Thanks to the great relationship developed with NARVA, the first items arrived for installation on our vehicle before shipping in March. It has meant a few unexpected modifications to our camper body which hitherto was considered complete but a bit of bling never goes astray!

Soon it will be equipped with a NARVA 40″ LED Light bar. This is in addition to the vehicle already having mounted 2 x NARVA Extreme HID spotlights to the winch bar. With all this lighting, visibility shouldn’t be an issue! Many thanks to the team at NARVA for their continued support.

Vehicle almost ready

Last of the servicing underway, a quick shakedown run in the next couple of weeks just to check everything is performing as it should prior to loading into the container!

A big thanks to Rob Robson from Robson brothers 4×4 service and repair, makes preparing your 4×4 a lot easier with specialists like those guys at your disposal.

NARVA LED combination tail lights fitted, superior visibility with these on board!


NARVA EXTREME HID driving lights, night into day!