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Hi Everyone!

Been a few gremlins floating around in globatrol cyberspace for a while now. It would seem they have been covertly attempting to stop our email updates from making it to your inbox!

Fortunately for us we have our own anti gremlin specialist commando called Mike! After releasing him, it appears he’s performed his duties once again and assures us that emails will once again flow!

Just in case you haven’t checked our site of late, we have had a few posts uploaded that you may have missed…

We are now soaking up grey sky and sheets of rain back in the UK but with no end in sight of tasks to perform as we get planning underway for next year!

Good news is that we have been invited to attend Overland Expo West in Arizona, the largest 4×4 and adventure overland shown the world, ¬†which will no doubt be a great chance to catch up on the latest overland gear! Check it out at

We’ve also decided to launch a Facebook page in order to compliment our website. Hopefully we can keep you up to date with snippets of life on the road in-between our posts. so if Facebook is your thing then head on over and click “Like”

Moroccan Gremlin?

Moroccan Gremlin?

Trip Planning

Trip Planning


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