About Us

Jen and Justin

We live in Fremantle, Western Australia and are now (2020) in our late 40’s/early 50’s. We have a shared passion for travel both around the world and around our own beautiful country!

Between us we have been fortunate enough to have experienced many and varied travel experiences, from the must do tracks of inland Australia such as the Anne Beadell and Canning Stock Route to lying by the pool whilst cruising the Pacific Islands.  Hiking along The Great Wall in China, trekking in the Himalaya, backpacking parts of Europe and India, camping in Africa and being amazed by the Egyptian pyramids also make the list.  It’s not until you actually start condensing the travel experiences you have enjoyed that you realise it wasn’t just a holiday here or there but an addiction that is guaranteed to drag you off somewhere some time and keep you working to finance the next destination.

We have enjoyed the most amazing trips and yet it seems that the adventures that have inspired us the most are those in which we have enjoyed our own transport!

The idea to travel overland first surfaced in 2003 and has never really left our thoughts but presented too many logistical issues to become a reality until now.  Finally in March 2011 after a nice meal and no doubt a few glasses of wine, we decided to put a date on it and work towards it as a realistic goal.

So here we are…

The opportunity to travel half the world in your own trusty vehicle with all it’s specialised bits and pieces!  Does it get any better?  For some it sounds a completely mystifying concept and we are often met with quizzical looks accompanied by regular suggestions of “why don’t you just hire a car?” or “couldn’t you just stay in hotels?”…. need I say more?  I guess if you are still reading then you are a kindred spirit!

And yet I know that sitting around the campfire in the heart of Australia with stars like salt sprinkled in a frying pan is already calling.  I think the love of the inland enhances the journey ahead and our return to Australia will in no way signal the end of our journey but instead provide the opportunity to head back out there!

Jen is a professional bookkeeper and I manufacture products for the camping industry, whilst together we run an embroidery business. 

As we are both self employed we have put our work on hold in order to experience what we hope to be one of the best travel experiences of our lives.

Thanks for reading,