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    4 thoughts on “Contact

    1. Stephen & Denise Knowles

      Hi Justin & Jen
      Its getting close to Christmas now. Have. been hanging out for your blog. We are enjoying the read every couple of weeks. Keep them coming. Have yourselves a very merry Christmas & new year, might be a white Christmas this year ? Went to the outback challenge with Rollo & Bill to watch Rob & Cass compete. Excellent event !
      The Ironman earlier in the year as well. I need another mastic belt made. When did you say you were coming home??? Do you do express post ??? Sure you will be able to find a sewing machine some were in the UK. You did say this was going to be a working holiday, Didn’t you? All the best & enjoy it while it lasts ( maybe a lifetime)

      Stephen & Denise

    2. Wladimir

      Welcome to Germany,
      it was very nice to meet you in Glückstadt 🙂
      53.783435, 9.428741

      Wish you all the best Friends


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