Monthly Archives: February 2014

Finite time remaining

Dimitri from gotorussia has proved a wealth of information, our letters of invitation are in the process of being prepared. We are looking forward to receiving them in the next few weeks, organising our visa’s is very exciting.


The planning, reading and organising is suddenly coming together. It’s nice to be on the home stretch, but as with anything in life based around a fixed date, all of a sudden there is a finite amount of time remaining and the tasks requiring fulfilment don’t seem to be reducing at the same rate as the days!


But would you have it any other way, I think not….

Robson Brothers 4wd Service and Repair

Last time on the hoist, A massive thanks to Rob for the unfettered access to his state of the art facilities. Makes the job of preparing the vehicle a breeze.


Although we always keep our vehicle servicing well ahead of what is required, for a trip of this duration we are bringing forward any conceivable mechanical servicing that we can think of. Long duration off road trips always take a heavy toll on vehicles.


The better the level of preparedness hopefully  the less chance of a mechanical.

Well that’s the plan anyway….


Light glorious Light..

Finished installing the NARVA  extreme driving lights last week, this week saw the 40″ light bar installed in the nose cone of the camper. A bit of aluminium work to get it in the right position but the result was definitely worth the modifications. If you haven’t seen one of these lights in action then I guarantee, when you do you’ll be blown away.

They really are unbelievable!

just a quick pic below to give an idea of how crisp and white the light bar is, in combination with the driving lights it’s a fantastic package..

pic’s below +50 headlight’s, Hid extreme driving lights and the light bar!



now that’s bright!!!!


A Step Closer

Quick update..

Confirmation from Maersk Shipping today, the ship departs the 25th of March and we will be loading the Patrol a week prior!

22 days in transit to Vladivostok, much faster that we were expecting, it’s all very exciting.



The Patrol will be departing Fremantle aboard the cargo ship Dubrovnik..