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Hello All!  Just a quick update from the beautiful city of Prague, there is another post on it’s way shortly but in the meantime….

We have loaded a couple more YouTube videos – a quick one of Charyn Canyon in Kazakhstan and the other is of some sections of the Pamir Highway and Wakhan valley in Tajikistan. Most of it is looking into Afghanistan and it has some great scenery. I know it’s of interest to some of our followers so we thought we’d get the links up on the site.

Link to Charyn Canyon video

Link to Pamir/Wakhan video 

All the best and back soon – Justin and Jen..

4 thoughts on “You Tube Videos

  1. Toni & Neville Taylor

    Hi Justin & Jen, What an amazing couple you are, we have been watching your blog from the beginning & envy you your travels. It certainly is an adventure for you both & enjoy all that you deserve.
    Love to both, Take care.
    From your Godparents Justin. Toni & Neville


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